Interview with Nita Wick and a giveaway!

With me today is romance author Nita Wick. Nita is another of the fabulous authors picked up by Passion in Print Press as well as Freya’s Bower. I just finished her historical romance The Wagonmaster and loved it! Thanks for hanging with me, Nita

Thanks for inviting me, Jennifer! And I’m so glad you enjoyed The Wagonmaster. I am very proud to say that it won first place in the historical division of the 2009 Laurel Wreath awards.

Your main character in The Wagonmaster grabbed me from the first page. I’m a fan of the feisty stubborn female with a heart of gold. You wrote about a woman doctor traveling across the western frontier in a time when such a thing was unheard of. I could tell you researched life in that time period like a demon.

What were some typical hardships for people traveling with a wagon train at that time?

Oh, my goodness. Where to start? Antibiotics had not yet been discovered, so just about any illness could escalate to something life-threatening. For instance, the flu could cause pneumonia. Many people died from it in those days. Did you know that the same bacterium that causes strep throat can lead to scarlet fever? Safe drinking water was a big concern, too. Cholera and several other deadly diseases were spread by contaminated water.

The lack of medical treatment wasn’t the only hardship, though. No electricity, no air conditioning, and no Walmarts made things tough, too. ;-) Seriously, though. People on the wagon train had to make certain they had enough food and water to survive. They could go for days without finding fresh water or wildlife to hunt. With only a few forts along the way where they might be able to stop and purchase additional supplies, they often had to ration what little they had managed to find along the route.

Was Wagonmaster a real title and profession or something you invented for the story?

The wagonmaster or the wagon boss is the actual title of the man was in charge of leading a wagon train. Some spell it as two words, others make it one word. You’ll find it in the dictionary as two words, but I preferred the one word title.

Which excplains why word keeps underlining the title as wrong. LOL. Tell us a little bit about your new release from Passion in Print. What inspired the story idea for A Real Husband?

Though it wasn’t the first book I’ve had published, A Real Husband is the first book I ever wrote. I had these two characters (Angelina and Hawk) arguing with each other in my head. They were driving me crazy! I decided that either I had to write it down or get therapy. Therapy was too expensive.

As an avid historical romance reader, I read whenever I had a spare minute. I came across a book that was so dull and boring, I wondered how the author had gotten it published. I decided that even I could do better. So I set out to prove it. With Angelina and Hawk pestering me to write their story anyway, I decided to write A Real Husband.

I can’t wait to read it! Do you write any genres other than historical romance?

Actually yes. I have a couple of paranormal titles. How Faerie Dust is Made, while historically set, is a fantasy romance with faeries. I also have a short story called The Dream that is included in In the Gloaming: An Anthology of Faerie Stories.

My current work in progress is a contemporary. Don’t know why, but once again, the characters in my head demanded their story be told. So I write. Still can’t afford the therapy.

I so feel your pain on that one! What genres do you like to read?

I read almost exclusively historical romance, but I do pick up the occasional fantasy novel. Anything to do with faeries, contemporary or not, will often catch my eye. I’m anxiously awaiting Karen M. Moning’s last installment of her Fever series. Once in a great while I’ll read something from another romance genre, but my reading time is so limited, I usually grab what I know I will like. That’s historical romance.

What’s next for you on the writing frontier?

As I mentioned, my current work is a contemporary. The working title is Designs on Haley. Haley is an interior designer who has made a name for herself among the rich and famous. She returns from a business trip a day early and finds her fiancé in bed with her best friend. Devastated, she sells her business and moves back to Tennessee where she grew up. There she meets a handsome architect named Michael who knows immediately that he has finally met Miss Right. But with Haley vowing never to trust a man with her heart again, Michael is having a bit of trouble convincing her that he is Mr. Right.

I hope to finish that one soon. It takes me longer to write a book than most authors. I work full time, so my writing time is limited. After that, I have two other works that I may try to finish up. Just haven’t gotten around to them. And I already have readers asking for Nicholas’s story. Nicholas is Hawk’s best friend in A Real Husband. I have more stories than I have time, but eventually I will get them written.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Nita lives in southern Tennessee with her husband of 22 years and their two children who are now attending college. When not busy at the day job, you'll likely find her reading or writing. She prefers romance novels because there absolutely, positively must be a happily-ever-after ending. Find out more about Nita and her books at

Now for the giveaway part! Nita has agreed to giveaway a PDF version of A Real Husband to a random commenter this week! I'll announce the winner next Sunday so don't forget to comment!

Or if you are like me and can't wait you can buy A Real Husband now from


  1. Again, Thank you, Nita. It was fun to interview someone who doesn't live inside my own head for a change!

  2. This was fun, Jenn! Every writer loves to talk about their work. Like you, I find that most interviews I'm involved in are with imaginary people. LOL It was fun to be the interviewee this time. - Nita (who can't sign in to blogger at this computer)

  3. The Wagonmaster was a wonderful story, as I'm sure A Real Husband will be. I can't wait to read it! :)

  4. Great interview, Nita! Looking forward to reading A Real Husband! :-)

  5. Great interview, Nita! Looking forward to reading A Real Husband! :-) Laurie White (who can't figure out how to sign in on this page!)

  6. Great interview! I loved the cover for A Real Husband. Good stuff.

    Also, I didn't know that about strep and Scarlet Fever. A few years ago, I had a nasty case of strep that I couldn't get rid of. I thought it was just allergy stuff that wouldn't leave me alone. Turns out I had strep for six months. *g*

    Anyway, good luck with your new releases, Nita!

    (Don't enter me in the contest, as much as I love free. It wouldn't be sporting. LOL.)

  7. Great interview, Nita (and Jenn, I know how hard it is to write interview questions--LOL)!

    The Wagonmaster is an excellent book, not that I am biased or anything. (g) The Real Husband looks to be just as good. Congratulations on going to print.

    Wait a minute! Did you write The Wagonmaster? It's in print. ;) You can find it here: or on Amazon: (g)

  8. Hello to my fellow 'Rose'. Congratulations on another great book and interview.

    ~Donna Michaels

  9. Lisa & Laurie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good luck in the drawing!

    Saranna, I absolutely love the cover for A Real Husband. When they asked me what I'd like to see on my cover, I told them I wanted it to "scream" historical romance. LOL I think Deana got it right. :)

    Hey, Marci! Thanks for stopping by! And yes, anyone who hasn't read The Wagonmaster should see what the reviewers have been raving about. It's available in print and ebook. Purchase links, an excerpt, and review links are at my web site!

    And Donna! So good of you to stop by! Yes, I'm a fellow Wild Rose Press author. I also have a couple at Freya's Bower and now one at Passion in Print. It's not easy to get something published, but I'm pretty picky about my publishers. I want professional editing and a variety of purchase outlets for my readers. BTW, I still need some bricks on Frontierville. ;-)

  10. the excerpt on the loop was enough to interest me in reading the real husband. I want to find out why he married her, why he was so contemptuous and then just walked off and left her.

  11. Hi,

    I enjoyed your interview and you have some lovely covers too. Your books all sound very interesting. I really need to remedy the fact that I haven't read any of your work yet...shame on me!!!

    in Germany

  12. Larion, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you for stopping by. Good luck in the drawing. :)

    Valerie, maybe you'll the lucky winner of the pdf and you can correct that shameful behavior. LOL

  13. Hello!

    Coincedentally, I just read one of your books last weekend! It was truly wonderfull! I am looking forward to reading another book... as soon as I can find one at a local bookstore!!

    from Austria

  14. Awww, thanks, Sophie! You should be able to order a print copy of A Real Husband at your local book store in about 2 weeks. The printer is working on them now. :)

  15. I enjoyed the interview and have found a new author to read.

  16. As I was reading the Interview about the different types of books you write, I wondered if you ever had a historical (woman doctor in Old West) who ran into faeries. And then I realized how silly that was - faeries need green growth around them, not sand!

  17. Thank you for the lovely comment, Andrea. Good luck in the drawing. :)

    rotf KMT, there are portions of the west that aren't all sand and tumbleweeds. It could happen. This *is* fiction after all. ;)

  18. Nita haven't we all thought 'How did this get published' about a book we hurled at the wall and then sat down to write a better one - I know I did. Great interview

  19. Anita, don't you just love it when you prove that you *can* write a better one? :) Thanks for stopping by, lady!

  20. Wonderful interview - congrats on the new release Nita!

  21. Thank you, Cate! I appreciate you stopping by.

  22. Hi. This book sounds good. I am putting you on my author list. I like historicals aswell as about every other type of romance or non-romance. Thanks for the interview!!!

  23. After reading "How Faerie Dust is Made" and "The Wagonmaster", I knew you would be a big hit. Your books are great and I can't lay them down once I start reading them! Awsome writer and great interview!

  24. Great interview Nita, I also love to read historical romances, and hope to read one of yours someday.

  25. Thank you, Brandy. Good luck in the drawing!

    Hey, Frankie! Hearing stuff like that makes my day. Thank you!

  26. Wow, this is great! I feel honored to know you and cannot wait to read some of your books. I love a good romance novel, especially those with a happy ending!

  27. Hi, Dianne! Good luck in the drawing. Maybe you'll get to read one of mine for free. :)

  28. Hey, Donna! I'll be bringing some extra print copies to work with me as soon as they arrive. I'll even autograph it for you if you want. LOL

  29. Sorry, I'm WAY late, as usual! Super interview, Nita. :) Your story sounds fabulous, girl! I'm all about historicals with 'feisty stubborn heroines with a heart of gold.' Just put The Wagonmaster on my TBR list.


  30. You're not late, Sky. LOL Jenn is giving everyone a whole week to enter for the contest. Thanks for the comment!

  31. All of the books sounds like a good read. I'm putting The Wagonmaster amd The Real Husband on my TBB list.


  32. Hey, Loretta! I recognize your name from my newsletter mailing list. :) Maybe you'll win a copy of A Real Husband. Jenn will draw for the pdf copy this weekend. And as soon as I receive print copies, I'll be giving away one of those, too. Good luck!

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  34. Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing support for Nita. I will annouce the winner in the next blog post.


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