About Jenn

     Former navy wife turned author Jennifer L. Hart loves a good mystery as well as a good laugh and a happily ever after is a must. Her works to date include The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag series, Redeeming Characters, River Rats, Stellar Timing, Who Needs A Hero?, and Daisy Dominatrix.

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To save us all time I thought I'd answer a few standard questions, just FYI.

Q. What genres do you write?

A. I write novels and no, I can't be more specific. I've published mysteries and romance but some of my newer works in progress (WIP) includes a medieval times space opera. So yeah,I'm greedy and I want it all.

Q. What is your favorite genre to read?

A. Romance, mostly because I like character driven stories more than plot heavy ones. Think about it, when you recommend a book is it because of what happened or who it happened to?

Q. Do you have a favorite of your published(or soon to be published) novels?

A. Jeeze, why don't you just ask which child I prefer? It might be easier, LOL. Well, I loved all of my stories while I was creating them, but the crew in the Laundry Hag series is made of win, they have so much to say and I could write them until the end of time. They managed to hold my attention for three books, which is more than I can say for anyone else!

Right now, I'm working on a new mystery series, and this crew is coated in the awesomesauce. More on that soon.

Q. Are you, in fact, the Laundry Hag?

A. I plead the fifth.

Q. Where did the Laundry Hag come from?

A. The title is self-imposed, derived from one particularly memorable rant. The idea for the books, well what better way to snoop than in the guise of a cleaning lady?

Q. Will you give me Neil's phone number?

A. He's married! And if I had it do you think I would share?

Q. Will any of the secondary characters, like Leo or Marty, get their own books?

A. In this life, anything is possible.

Q. Any advice for hopeful authors?

A. First, READ! There is no substitute for it. Next. WRITE! Sounds simple, and when it comes down to it, it is. Then, figure out exactly what you want for your books. There are so many options out there today, so many ways to tell your story. Self publishing, ebooks, indie publishing, traditional publishing, ect. Do some research into each avenue.