Hag Swag On Location

Hag swag is sweeping the nation...well someone has to clean this place up!

In case you didn't get the message, I'll spell it out for you. : --Taken by Jenn, Sanibel Island, F.L.

The hag lounges poolside at a "luxury condo" in San Antonio (try not to snicker, our developer has delusions of grandeur).
--Gail from San Antonio, T.X.

After a hard day who isn't ready to hang up her hat? : --Taken by Val in Ely, M.N.

It's not about if the cup is half full, it's what it's full of.... : --Amy from Millbrook, N.Y.

The hag waiting to drown her frustrations in a pint of Guinness
--Gail from San Antonio, T.X.

Don't drive off without me!
--Taken by Val in Hinkley, MN

Behold the seedy underbelly of Millbrook! : --Amy from Millbrook, N.Y

Hag hat takes on the BIG BLACK TRUCK!
Taken by Jenn, Sanibel Island, F.L