"The chemistry is sizzling, the sex steamy, and the BDSM erotic" ~Publisher's Weekly

"If there could be a Jennifer L. Hart book, come out every day I would understand the concept of heaven." ~ Mary Gramlich The Reading Reviewer

An Amazon breakthrough Award quarter finalist 2013! Review
I loved this excerpt. The style was fun and breezy and the subject a little bit titilating. I couldn't stop reading the excerpt and was sorry when it ended. Review
This is not my usual reading material, but since I did enjoy the humorous tone and quick pace of the story, then I would say it is well-written. I could sense the person behind the humor.


"Who Needs A Hero is a wonderful story of two people who made their share of mistakes during their lifetime but seem to complete each other." ~Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
  "Ms. Hart writes all genres with ease and I enjoy her books but my heart will always be with Neil and Maggie because I am a total sucker for the Happily Ever After." ~The Reading Reviewer

 An ARe bestselling romantic comedy!


 "Redeeming Characters by Jennifer L. Hart is a book I simply could not put down. 
"I would not hesitate to pick up another of Ms. Hart’s works as she definitely made me with one book a lifelong fan."  
--G. Loch for Joyfully Reviewed.

"Redeeming Characters is an emotional thrill ride that makes you believe in Happily Ever After."
~ Saranna DeWylde, Author of How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days 

"Read this book and you will remember what it felt like to fall in love"
The Reading Reviewer on Redeeming Characters

"Jennifer L. Hart gives readers a contemporary love story constructed by two achingly real main characters. I personally love Drue's snide comments as I have a fondness for men who are sarcastically witty and I love the fact that Dakota can definitely hold her own and even dish back some superb one-liners."


The Laundry Hag Series:

Book 1 Skeletons in the Closet:

"a must read for all people who love a good mystery and a jolly good laugh...
laugh out loud funny..."

A Whole Bottle of Champagne by Black Orchid
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews

"a wonderfully fun whodunit" --ParaNormal

Night Owl Romance Reviewer Top Pick!

"Laugh out loud funny, realistic characters, snappy true to life dialog, and a sufficiently difficult mystery; all the required elements for an excellent read. If you’ve outgrown some of the female sleuths currently available, as I have, I recommend Maggie Phillips."
4 Star Spinning

Book 2 Swept Under the Rug

“Laundry, laughter, love and crime make for a great read….Ms. Hart wrote with so much passion and developed the story in a fashion that draws you in and keeps you engrossed until the last word in the book.”— Mary Gramlich, The Reading Reviewer


"This is a story for everyone who thinks they have read it all. This book has love, romance, firebombing and a hate crimes mixed in, but the core is what two people who are pure of heart and free to love can do to cleanse the evil that lurks around us." --Mary Gramlich, the Reading Reviewer