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Book Trailer for Redeeming Characters

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Sunset on Sanibel Island

So I'm back from my first vacation sans family in over a decade. It was without a doubt one of the best weeks in my adult life. And to think, I was nervous as all get-out before I went.

Here's the scoop. The uber fabulous Liane Gentry Skye set up a writing retreat to Sanibel Island. Along with fellow Next Best Celler contestants Saranna DeWylde and Gail Reinhart I traveled to Ft. Myers, FL where Liane picked us up in a BIG BLACK TRUCK.

On my laundry list for the week was to finish my WIP, H.U.B.B.A, which has been the bane of my existence for the last three months. I actually wrote 1000 words in the airport and thought I'd be off to a fantastic start. What I didn't count on was the lure of the island and the temptation to just chat with the divas until our brains shut down from exhaustion. See, I'm more of a listener, except for the storytelling, and the occasional nervous babble or P'o"ed rant, so never would I have expected that I'd spend so much time …