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Who's ready for more Laundry Hag?

Happy Holidays, Gang!

Yeah yeah, enough with the pleasantries. If you're like me and everybody's favorite washer woman, you're up to your eyebrows in flour, sugar, gift wrap and running out of tape and oh dear sweet baby Jesus, please don't tell me I'm out of tape and need to make another trip to Wal-Mart! Yes, in fact I am. Just kill me now.

Well, I've got a little present to help get you through, a sneak peak into my upcoming release, featuring Maggie and Neil and all the rest of the cleaning crew that will be out early next year on Amazon. So save those gift cards!

And enough of my inane babble and on with the hag!

The following excerpt is Part One of chapter one of The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: All washed Up.

December Newsletter

Dear readers and friends,

It's almost that magical time of year. The time where I can tell the world at large to kiss my grits because I've got a novel to write in a month. That's right, November is National Novel Writing Month, commonly referred to in the writing community as nano. Tonight I'll take my imps out to cavort with witches and wizards, vampires and zombies all roaming the streets seeking a Halloween sugar rush, and then at midnight it's a month of ME time. 
The natives have already been warned that I MEAN BUSINESS this year. I have a book that is clawing it's way out of me and a need to bring you all an old favorite in a new adventure.
Plotting, cover design, prepping my work space for optimal performance, freezing meals for quick dinners, ect.   I swear I spend more time every year prepping for Nano than I did for my wedding. That 'll tell you where my priorities lie. Although the natives have to fend for themselves while I ch…