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Publisher's Weekly Review of Daisy Dominatrix

"Daisy is a responsible, no-nonsense accountant by day who transforms into the mysterious and most-sought-after dominatrix, Catwoman, three nights a week. She revels in the power and the control, but doesn't have any idea how to draw that confidence into her daily life. In an odd coincidence, she is hot for Duran Price, a client both at her accounting firm as well as the dungeon where she works. She wrangles his receipts and expenses at work and dominates and seduces him at Madame Minerva's. As her two worlds collide, a lot of secrets spill out, and not all of them are easy to stomach. Daisy and Duran are both very flawed, but that is exactly why they are so appealing. The chemistry is sizzling, the sex steamy, and the BDSM erotic. Both Duran's reluctance to relinquish control and Daisy craving some power make sense in context. The family issues and dramas are over the top, but the scenes with BDSM are respectful and offer an intriguing glimpse into a wo…