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How much of a difference does price make?

All rabid readers have their favorite autobuy authors, the one's they will pay anything (within reason) to purchase the latest book. Patricia Briggs is one of mine. I have almost everything she's ever written in either print, ebook and audiobook, in some cases all three. But what about a new author, someone either recommended to you or that you stumbled across. You read the free preview and think, hmmm..that sounds interesting but the price makes you hesitate before ordering your copy.

Recently I stumbled across an author I wanted to try. I bought the first (waaaayyyy overpriced) ebook for my kindle and enjoyed it. But to finish out the series, it would have cost me over fifty dollars, which I was not willing to do. Luckily my local library had the rest of the books in stock and after reading them, I'm extremely glad I didn't splurge because I never want to revisit the series.

So here's the question. Where is that price point for you? The number that makes you back…

September Newsletter

Dear readers and friends,

Apparently 2013 is the year of multimedia for me, which is oh so cool. First off, I have my very own custom heroine, Jackie Parker for my Damaged Goods mysteries, designed by a talented young artist. How cute is she?
Jackie will be available on much of my future swag as well as on my website and the Damaged Goods Facebook page, so keep an eye out for her!
Next up, the audiobooks! Currently up for sale, Daisy Dominatrix, narrated by Hollie Jackson and The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: Skeletons in the Closet narrated by Suzanne Cerreta. (links below) And I'm delighted to announce that Hag 2 and Stellar Timing are both in production and will be available by the end of the year. Everything from zany mysteries to BDSM romance to a medieval times space opera all for your listening pleasure. 
If you haven't tried audible yet, you can sign up for a free trial on their website and get an audiobook for FREE to try it out. I did in June and am…