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Subscription boxes, June & July summary

I've been curious about the book subscription boxes for awhile. It sounds like a neat idea, mystery items shipped right to you every month. 
Owlcrate Cost: $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping Total cost $36.98 June theme: Royalty This was my first subscription box, and it was sort of an accident. I wanted the next month's box but signed up early, so I did receive the June box. 

 My Lady Jane (Amazon w. free ship)  $10.73 K Nemo Funko mystery mini (Amazon w. free ship)    $6.99 GIVEAWAY Craftedvan bookmarks: (Etsy plus shipping) $7.08 GIVEAWAY Lunar Chronicles bracelet (Etsy plus shipping guess shop is closed) ???  $10-12  ??? TOSS Plus paper TOSS $36.80 Net loss over buying individual pieces $ -.18 * Note, the little bookmark things, Nemo funko and paper crown all went to my niece, so this box wasn't a total loss.

Owlcrate Cost $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping July theme: Good vs Evil  I received the "good" box and the thing I liked best about it was that even if you stumble acro…