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Do you love your WIP?

(Originally posted on Writers Gone Wild)

This is a blast from the past for my writer pals, one of my WGW greatest hits. I find that three years later it still applies

While real love is messy and complex and there is no surefire way to tell whether your toe is in the muck or hip deep sans waders, it’s staggeringly easy to decide if you are in love with your Work In Progress. Come on down and take the quiz I made up just for this purpose! Fear not, I know we were mostly English majors so there is no math required. (Remember this next time someone calls me an evil sadist, eh? ;-)

1.) When you think of your current hero you__
A.)Smile at what he’s done or is about to do.
B.)Squint and bite your lip; he’s kinda fuzzy right now.
C.)Frown, he’s being a pain in the ass.

2.) Is your heroine someone you’d be willing to spend a weekend hanging out with?
A.) Yep, we’d paint the town ‘till dawn and then laugh while waiting for our more respectable partners to bail our goofy selves outta jail