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Cover Reveal: The Immortal Queen

Book 2 in the Unseelie Court series. Look for more on book 1 THE GOODNIGHT KISS coming soon!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 to my friends and readers! I'm excited to announce I have a new series launching this year. Young Adult fantasy featuring a teenage serial killer.

The Unseelie Court Book 1 

A teenage serial killer with a mysterious past. 

The deadly hunter sworn to protect her. 

Secrets, lies and a shot at redemption.  

It all begins with a kiss. 

When 16-year-old Nic Rutherford heads out for a night on the town, she brings a full arsenal. Her best weapon? A deadly kiss that can take down the biggest game around—humans. Two-legged predators don’t stand a chance once she makes lip to skin contact. But her blessing is also a curse, one that Nic fears will inadvertently harm anyone who gets too close—her aunts, her best friend, or the mysterious new boy who possesses strange abilities of his own. 

Aiden Jager has the one thing Nic can’t resist—information. With his help Nic unearths answers about her own murky past along with the key to a hidden world where magic thrives and the impossible becom…