Overwhelmed? You are not alone!

I'm feeling overwhelmed this week and it's slowing my progress in almost every area. I've got my Nanowrimo story Stellar Timing,which I'm also posting in real time to textnovel.com, polishing of Redeeming Characters, helping a friends edit which benefit me as a writer as much as it does their stories, plus the worry over the finalist round in the textnovel competition. Then there are the other stories I want to finish, like Maggie and Neil, H.U.B.B.A, For a Reason, Santa's Helper for Hire...ect. Plus, I'd like to breathe some life back into the Beaver blogs; Eva Amelia Pelt just has tons to say.

And this all has to get accomplished around family, projects,appointments and personal commitments.

I keep wondering, have I taken on too much? Where's the line in the sand when you go, okay, I would like to do this but...

Think about all the things we are supposed to do as human beings on any given day. Bathing in some form, eating, brushing teeth, exercising, eight hours of sleep, cleaning, doing laundry, plus plenty I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Add all that time up. Now if you have kids or pets, estimate how much time you spend catering to their needs? Making sure they do the musts, like brushing teeth, changing underwear, feeding, driving to school, getting some exercise, you get the picture.

The there is work. I'm super lucky because for me, work is writing but many others don't have it that good. Writing work is, promoting my already published works, editing finished manuscripts, studying technique and trying to churn out something decent. But, I have this privilege because my husband works a job with one of the most insane schedules ever. Sometimes he works nights, other times days, sometimes he's home every night, other times I won't see him for a week. (After a Navy six month deployment a week is chump change.)This means that I have to run the household because his work is beyond draining.

For many others they have to put in six to eight hours, or more, working another job

How much is left after the shoulds are squared away? Is it any wonder you feel tired, and have no energy to pursue your creative streak?

What do you let go of when you want to have it all?

In my case, I'd be fine if I stopped fretting over things I can't control. (Pointing at the inner control freak saying take it up with stupid.)

How about you? Vent, I'm willing to listen and it might make you feel better.


  1. I know what you mean! I have lots and lots going on not just in my own brain... hey there's the root of my problem... *laughs* But then you add in to it all of the other things I have to do... ugh. It's crazy.

    And right now, my daugher is butchering Bon Jovi in my ear and I can't think...

    I was totally going to say some other stuff, but I can't think with that bellowing. Sigh. If I didn't love her more than cheesecake...

  2. If mine don't quit telling me every detail of every episode of Spongebob Square pants, I will not be held accountable for my actions. What can we do to get past this hurtle? (Thoughts for next blog ;-)


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