A word on world building.***STELLAR SPOILERS***

Stellar Timing is my first foray into the art of world building. Everything else I've ever written has been based in the world I know, contemporary, whether it be mystery, romance or romantic suspense, it's set in the present, defined by the laws of physics and explainable to an extent.

But along comes Stellar Timing. The only rule, be consitant and true to the world I've created. There is nothing I HATE more than when a writer sets up a world with an established set of rules, then goes and tosses the rule book without explaining the why of it. It's sloppy and itfeels like they've cheated me. It is hard, I just caught one of my own warts the other day, I had Brennigan read something out of a dictionary and then not even two pages later, he told Jeremy he couldn't read English. Hello, brain were you on your break? I derive a small amount of comfort from the fact that I caught it before anyone else did, otherwise I would have looked like a royal ass.

Speaking of which... Brennigan the dethroned and banished prince who's more taciturn than any hero I've ever written. I wanna shake him by the chain mail and scream "Talk to me!" Hey, it's what Ellie would do. I love him but I'm not sure why yet, he is kind of an arrogant pig. Any ideas?

When I started Stellar for National Novel Writing Month, I had 1) The setting = other planet/ future 2) A vague idea for the opening battle sequence 3) the names, Brennigan, Noelle, Snark, Sass,(who were supposed to be pets, NOT royal siblings) Lobar and Mikara. Plus the name, because I can hear it being said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and accompanied by an eyeroll. It's so...me

That was all, my starting point. The witches/ sorcerers and clones and Healing Zone concepts have present themselves as Brennigan and Ellie have taken me over to write their story. Sometimes I'm not in the mood, sometimes they aren't and then there are the times other characters wheedle their way into the limelight. If you're following Stellar on textnovel, you'll have a better idea about what I mean. Jeremy was supposed to be a minor character, comic relief but he wasn't happy with that and then he got to deep and scared me and I had to kill him off.

Damn mystery writer tendencies.;-)

So now Ellie is a wreck, blaming herself for Jeremy's demise, Brennigan's stuck in the cesspool of the universe (i.e. Earth)Snark and Sass are MIA and you don't even wanna know what Mikara is plotting. Well, I hope you do.

I love this story, it's crazy it's all over the freaking universe and it's got heart. It might kill me but just like Jeremy, I think it'll be worth the sacrifice.
Don't forget to vote in the poll, I really would like to know what you would like to see more of in the stellarverse.


  1. Remember, it's your world. So there don't have to be any rules. :)

    I am waiting anxiously for the next chapter. :)

  2. I'm stuck scraping popcorn off the ceiling this week and after the week of traction, I should have some time to write ;-) So glad you are enjoying it!

  3. I'm really looking forward to my beta adventure on this one - probably Monday night; this week has gotten busy!

  4. Enjoy it my friend, it is a whole lot of crazy fun!


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