Gimme an H Contest Winner!

And the Winner is...

Here is what Susan said about the perfect hero

"I guess I am more down to earth or old fashion but my idea of a hero still is..the man who respects the woman and still opens the door for her. The man who stands up and says..we will get thru this together after the woman hears bad news from her doctor, the man who doesn't feel he is a sissy when he gets up from the dinner table and says" you go rest..I will do the dishes tonight" because he knows the woman is in so much pain but she still wants to do what is expected. I married my hero almost 47 years ago and he is all MAN no matter if he does do things that most housewives feel are their jobs. I can not find anyone more devoted and caring then the hero I have and he is known as my Husband. Not bragging..just stating a fact and giving credit where it is due."

Really girls, do we want more than this? (Snarkerella says maybe he could put the seat down sometimes;-)

Susan, shoot me your address at my email
jenlhart79 (at) I'll get your autographed copy of Jackson Corners in the mail, ASAP! Thanks for playing!


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