Gimme an H!

Gimme an E! Gimme an R! Gimme an O! What's that spell to you?

Part of being a decent writer is power of description. Everyone sees the world through his/her first person POV. Letting others see the world, or in this case, a hero, through yours is the trick here.

In honor of St. Valentine, the poor bastard who must wear a diaper and a quiver full of arrows and smite the unwitting for eternity, I want you to describe to me your idea of the perfect hero. What does he look like, sound like, smell like? Use those senses! What does he do for a living? What are his hobbies and interests? Tell me why he's the ultimate hero.
I will comment on every entry, because as a feedback junkie I know how important it is to a writer, no matter what stage of the game they are playing. And I won't take off for spelling, because I'm not a total hypocrite!

To make things interesting the winner gets an autographed copy of Jackson Corners, or as I like to call it these days, what not to do in your first novel. ;-) Honestly, it's a good story but obviously not a polished work. Penned while I was busy finding my voice. Which is why I think it's appropriate as a prize here. I'll also throw in a Hag 2 magnet. I know, does it get better than that?

Winner will be selected one week from today. Be verbose, but watch the thats and justs, they don't add much to the mix.

So Gimme all you got and make me see the light!


  1. He just... LOL.

    Okay, seriously... my perfect hero? He's a total cock. Why? Alpha males are dicks. Or they can appear to be at first glance. He has to be flawed so he has a shot at redemption. As complicated as it sounds, he still has to have a flaw or two after he's redeemed or he's boring. Plus, it's really fun to watch those guys learn about love. Maybe because my own Alpha hero is a reformed rake, but they really do make the best husbands.

    His hobbies don't matter. Under the right circumstances, even a World of Warcrack addict sitting in his mom's basement pigging out on corn dogs and jerking off to porn on his second comp screen can be an Alpha male under the right circumstances.

    For instance: He lives with his mom because she can't care for herself, he hasn't met a woman who's willing to share his responsibility to his family so he doesn't date and porn is his only option, warcrack is his one guilty pleasure and he eats corndogs so that they have $$ to pay for her medicine. There's an Alpha hero right there.

    I think it's more about the lessons that he and heroine learn together than anything else that make them both Alphas. I know that definitely makes for hotter sex.

    I never pair an Alpha with a Beta. Even my heroines that start out shy, they're Alphas on the inside.

    Interesting post, as usual, Jennifer.

  2. Ah, you know me, always up to something! I so see that in your writing--the Alpha-ness in all of your charcters. Makes for brighter sparks that way. Plus there are so many ways to be an Alpha personality, some are direct, like a two-by-four to the head while others are a little sneakier, more subtle like.

    I'm not jumping on the Warcrack addict because I've already got my own Final Fantasy junkie. I'll never by that man a Wii, I'd never see him! Would be nice if they'd leave the basement every now and again and get a little vitamin D though. The pasty pallor is too Vampy for my liking.

  3. And you see what I mean about the spelling? That should have been BUY! Fricking homonyms will be the death of me.

  4. I guess I am more down to earth or old fashion but my idea of a hero still is..the man who respects the woman and still opens the door for her. The man who stands up and says..we will get thru this together after the woman hears bad news from her doctor, the man who doesn't feel he is a sissy when he gets up from the dinner table and says" you go rest..I will do the dishes tonight" because he knows the woman is in so much pain but she still wants to do what is expected. I married my hero almost 47 years ago and he is all MAN no matter if he does do things that most housewives feel are their jobs. I can not find anyone more devoted and caring then the hero I have and he is known as my Husband. Not bragging..just stating a fact and giving credit where it is due. susan L.

  5. Aw Susan, I think my icy heart might have defrosted a wee bit. I love stories like that. Hearing that people can be so in love because of all they've overcome together.

  6. I love a witty hero with a set of dimples to make me melt. I like him to have an edge of danger but to be a tamed creature with the heroine. Sounds so corny when I say it aloud. Oh, well. :)

  7. Not corny, Samantha, honest. Wit is a definate must in my book-- a man needs to have some defenses against my rapier tongue!


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