Writing Comandment #9 Don't be one of THOSE writers!

Do you spend hours debating the difference between a writer and an author? Do you come down on anyone who dares to criticize the brilliance of your work? Do you not follow the rules then blast the people who do? Is it always someone else keeping you back?

If so, give yourself a swift kick in the ass, from me.

Quick reality check.

1.) If you have time to debate the difference between a writer and an author you are neither.

2.)If you don't accept criticism, you will never improve. I know, the sun shines out your ass right now, why in hell would you worry about improving? Is your name, Stephan King? Tom Clancy? Janet Evanovich? Oprah? No? Then you have a ways to go.

3.) Stop worrying about plagiarism. Ideas are not really all that unique, it's the delivery, the feelings associated with stories that make them special. Look at it this way, if you can't sell your own shit, then why would anyone else want to take a whack at it?

4.) The people who run contests are busy and set up rules to make everything move along in a more even and professional manner. If in doubt ask. If the person or people running the contest don't respond, it's not worth your time to enter. Follow the rules. If you don't, you have no one to blame but yourself.

5.) A rejection is not personal, until you make it personal. I know, it sucks whether it comes from a literary agent, an editor or a reviewer. That's your brainchild they are so fervently ripping apart. But here's the thing. You have the right to disagree, just do it in private. Telling a literary agent she has her head up her ass will only get you set on spam for her agency and anyone else she does business with. No one wants to work with THAT author. Whine to your best friend or significant other. If you don't have one of those, pay a therapist, you probably need professional help.

6.) You have the right to query, agents and editors have the right to reject your brilliance. If they don't say why, you do not have the right to question their decision. Or worse, tell them off. You make EVERY SINGLE WRITER look like a jackass when you do this shit. Try thinking about someone else for a change.

Just think before you move. It's not that hard and could keep the angry mob at bay for awhile. Don't be a tool, it won't net you anything.


  1. This article makes sense and hope people will read it and understand it. Good job done. susan L.

  2. Um, can you double that swift kick in that ass? Oh, and add to that those people who continue to mewl about said treatment all over the net. VOMIT.

    Was my derision palpable? It should be.

    No one gets a gold star for showing up. This isn't first grade. You're not a winner just for trying once. You have to keep trying, keep pushing and keep learning.

    I sold one book. I have no illusions that my foot is firmly in the door. That's not good enough. Once I get my Amazon Goddess ass through the door after the foot, then maybe I'll buy myself that cookie. Even then, I'll still be trying to learn and to build a better mouse trap.

    If I ever act like a snotbag as my friend A.M. Hartnett likes to put it, feel free to kick me in my ass.

  3. I just realized that my comment wasn't as clear in meaning as I would like. The mewling whey-faced irritants I was referring to are those who agent/pub gripe all over the place. Sorry. *g*

  4. I followed the KISS method of delivery here. Keep it simple (for) stupid. I read about half a dozen blogs by various literary agents/ editors/ writers who hold contests that all have been chewed out for their "lack of vision." These are our advocates, their work makes ours possible. No wonder they hate the slush pile, it's like cleaning the porta John on Rt 9 after a 100 degree week. Full of shit and sure ain't pretty. Honestly, could someone tell me what is WRONG with people?

  5. So let it be written, so let it be done :)


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