The Halfway Point

If you've been following my progress with Stellar Timing, you'll note that I might finish it by the end of next November. I'm proud of what I've done so far, and I have ideas for where I want the story to go next but I'm having...issues.

I got distracted. Maggie started talking to me again and since Brennigan is t least 2/3 mute, it's much easier to listen to a character who sings than one who grunts. Royal pain in my backside, that one. Unfortunately Maggie has now gone dark and I'm stuck with two half finished novels. I type, delete, type some more, delete some more. I know what I want to happen but the words aren't coming.
Also, edits for River Rats and Hag 2 came in last week and I have a hard time shifting from the critical eye that suspects everything to the one that creates it all, at least for my own work.

The non writing life has taken up a healthy chunk of time too. I'm going to be home schooling my boys starting next year. While I feel this is the right call, it has miffed my muse a bit, she knows she's being back-burner-ed and is in a snit over it. You know when you have a really important day coming up and you need to get a decent night of sleep, except your brain is agitating like a washer on 'roids and the mantra "I need to sleep, if I don't get to sleep now, I'll have a crappy day tomorrow,now is the time to sleep," just rolls through your mind's eye like movie credits?

It's pretty much the same with me and writing. I'm stressed because I'm not writing and pissed at myself because the clock is ticking, yet nothing is getting accomplished. It's a lousy cycle, one I need to break before either story can progress.

Any suggestions of what to do? Other than take a pill. ;-)


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