I'm just a genre bending beeyotch and I need a favor.

Come closer, I need to tell you something...

I don't like labels. Or boxes, or molds. Sure they work fine at the local UPS store and there is always room for Jell-O but not for people and art. Writing is art. It's creation, making something outta nothing.

My art is about people, no matter how it is labeled. There are elements of romance, interspersed with comic relief, physiological edges that one could cut one's own head off with and overlying it all, the human equation. Instrong>Stellar Timing, I take it further still. Sci-Fi / Fantasy with futuristic romance and I'm not sure I'm done world building yet. Who knows what's coming around the next corner?

All the pros tell us that newbie writers should pick a genre and stick with it. Or if you really want to do more than one genre, use a pen name for each one. The reason for this is to develop an author brand, name recognition that will tell the reader what they are in for, almost like a promise between author an consumer that under this pen name, I will deliver X.

My inner OCD freak agrees with this system. I mean, how would we arrange bookstores or Libraries without a genre divide? And sometimes you feel like a nut and want a mystery/ romance/ adventure so it makes it easier to have similar books grouped together, right?

However, I think we all know the system is changing. People aren't satisfied with the same old stuff anymore. I look at the Amazon Kindle listing of people who purchased the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: Skeletons in the Closet also bought, well a cornucopia of different books.

So here's my promise to you. You buy one of my books, I promise you will never get a formula novel churned out to pay my utilities bill. I promise to do my absolute best to make you laugh and leave you with a warm feeling. I promise not to phone it in, but to take whatever steps I can so you enjoy the ride I've constructed.

And now, this genre bending beeyotch would ask a favor. Give me some reviews, real reviews if you have read the Hag. Doesn't have to be on Amazon--Goodreads or Fictionwise work as well. Not begging for five stars here, I just really want to know what you think of my color-outside-the-lines ways.


  1. I will do you one better. Since you asked so nicely beeyotch, I will buy, read and write a review for you this weekend. I have been meaning to read the hag so now I can tell my "other" that I am doing a favor. So he can't bitch about how much I spend on books. I will even say "hey there is a Navy seal in it, you are in the Navy see, I am trying to BOND with you! Making the effort here." lol

  2. Aw, thanks Casse. Maggie is a wild woman and I hope you like her! Navy guys are the best ;-)

  3. I need to pick up The Hag. I am an asshat since I haven't done that yet. *holds out hand for slap*

  4. Nope, not gonna slap. You read enough of my stuff, so I refuse to hold you to buying Hag.


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