It's done. Just shy of 65, 000 words. I've actually finished the dirty draft of Who Needs A Hero?
Of course, I don't technically consider a draft finished until I've written a dedication page.
Which I just did.

As it shall appear, eventually.

This book is dedicated to my most excellent critique partner, the fabulous Amazon Goddess, Saranna DeWylde.
I may not have written this book for you, but I definitely wrote it because of you!
Thanks so much for believing! A round of Godiva, on me.


  1. *mwah* You're the stuff that ideal critique partners are made of, Jenn. Your copy is exciting and tight; and your characters are so easy to love.

    Thank you for the dedication. It made this water stuff come out of my eyes. LOL.

  2. It was the least I could do, really. I started this in Sept '06 but I wasn't excited about it until you got yur hands on it ;-)


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