Out of excuses...

It's 2010. I've been toying with the idea of going to RWA nationals conference since we moved here in 2006. Four years of hemming and hawing over spending the money, wondering who would watch the kids if DH had to work, the travel, I didn't have anything ready to pitch, it's too far, yada yada yada.

I'm so full of it my eyes ought to be brown.

The real reason has been the overwhelming fear. And it's not a specific fear, like claustrophobia, more of a general angst. It boils down to, I've got to want it badly enough. Before 2010, I really don't think I did.

In the last year both my productivity and my online networking have increased by leaps and bounds. I have two manuscripts ready to pitch and I'm hoping to finish the third by June so I have time to revise before both kids are out of school for the summer. My father and step-mother live five miles away, my in-laws less than two, so there really won't be a better time. I'll even be home in time for True Blood on Sunday. (Always a summer consideration.;-)

So, I'm hiking up my big girl panties and going to register. As soon as the fershlugna RWA website will let me! Technical difficulties, I'm trying not to take that as a sign.


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