Stellarverse Glossary

Stellarverse Glossary

Multiverse—A general term encompassing all dimensions of space and time, both cataloged and undiscovered. For every choice we make, there is a realm where another path was taken and another reality sprang into existence.

United Coalition of Planets (UCP)— Organization of interconnected worlds bound together by the need for trade and advancement.

Sorci—Magically inclined group of people who are feared by most for their ability to channel magic. Powers stems for the energy permeating the complex elements of the universe— land, air, water and soil. A sorci untrained in magic is known as a witch while one skilled in the craft is a sorcerer or mage.

Healing Zone
— Area of Brennigan’s world which is set aside for the sorci to live and practice magic as they see fit. Outside of the King’s jurisdiction. Sorci living outside the Healing Zone must be registered by royal decree.

Splice— A sorci’s means of travel, like teleporting and good only planetary travel only.

Warrior Caste— A group of individuals born to protect their homelands, answerable only to members of the royal family. Nature’s ultimate adapters, with built in camouflage and incredible ability to adapt to most any situation. Warriors keep the peace, protect the innocent and can communicate with one another via telekinetic link. An ancient legend tells that the warriors are somehow linked to the sorci, but no proof has come to light of such a connection.

The Penal Colony— Earth. There is no worse punishment in the multiverse than to be exiled to the penal colony. Some say that is where evil souls are kept after physical form dies. Many sorci were sent to the penal colony during the Great Cleansing, what in Earth’s histories was the Dark Ages.

Revolution— Time it takes the average planet to make an orbit around its life giving star. There are 380 days in a standard galactic revolution.

Portal-makers— A rare group of sorci who can create inter-dimensional and inter-planetary travel using magic. The process is dangerous and not often attempted since more than one sorci has been driven mad by the process. Typically rulers of worlds in the UCP keep a portal-maker on retainer.

Healer Caste—Subgroup of sorci who only use magic for healing others, never for selfish gain, these are white witches and viewed as traitors by the more ambitious sorci.

Clone—After the discovery of the nutrient tablet in 2018 which abolished world wide hunger on Earth, cloning humans became a new fad There are some quirks however, especially two or three generations down the road from original DNA. Fifth generation clones are illegal and are not recognized as citizens. Most are imprisoned before their violent tendencies can manifest. Mental illness, like depression and schizophrenia, has been known to occur in clones when memory was passed on from the original or earlier generations. The election of President Oprah Winfrey, a first generation clone in 2056 was major coup for cloning rights activists.

Dragons— Magical beasts often considered the fifth element by the sorci. Distantly related to the shape shifters, but do not involve themselves with mortals often. Capable of space travel without ships. Typically live in groups of five to nine called clans which migrate in a pattern not known to mankind.

Navigator Caste— People of the sea and stars, they only come to land to restock their stores or to give birth. Deeply religious, hold the sorci in he highest esteem, one step down from the gods themselves. Broken into tribes of 240 per vessel based on the rule of two by two. A craft will not sail if there are more or less than 240. Industrious and hard working. To be sent to the penal colony for a navigator is akin to a death sentence.

Entangled— Similar to a marriage but without a recognized ceremony. The act of stating someone is your entangled one means they belong in your life, always.

Shifters— Immortal race of beings able to change their physical form at will. While it is possible for shifters to breed with other mortals, the offspring are weak and have trouble changing shape, often getting stuck in a form for a lunar cycle at a time. The shifters do not recognize mortal authority as their credo is we’re all the same on the inside.


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