On the first day in cyberspace my true love gave to me....

With the growing popularity of online retailers it seems as if everyone and his Uncle Lou has a website, a blog and is peddling something on the social networks. I feel like I spend half of my online time anymore un-friending/ un-following people who have no interest in me, my books or anything except my money.

Joke's on you, sucker. See the moths fluttering out of my wallet? They are not just for show.

Every so often, I need to stop and take stock of just how much cyberspace I'm inhabiting and consider whether the mass has enough gravitational pull to actually interest people or if I'm two steps away from the fiends pushing aides for erectile dysfunction.

Twelve through eight are the promotional loops, review sites and other blogs I hit up, pimping my books, both old and new. Yeah there are that many.

Seven email addresses: All but one I check every day. Some are for business, some for spam catcher, some strictly personal.

Six social networks: Twitter, facebook--2 accounts, one for me and one for the Hag, myspace, goodreads, and textnovel.

Five blogs: What in the name of God was I thinking? Short answer, that I had more to say.

Four news feed sites: aol, yahoo, msn, and google.

Three writers groups: Encompassing classes, promotion and netwoking with others in the business.

Two registered domain names: www.laundryhag.com and www.jenniferlhart.com

One website: which both domain names are linked with, as of this weekend.

How about you are you taking up more than your fair share?


  1. Great post. I feel the same way. I spend more time trying to deal with my online life than writing. It's easy to get caught up.

  2. I really feel it right now, in the throes of promotion. It's easy to forget why we do all this networking to begin with!


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