Picture worth 1000 words?

I don't know how much its worth, but I love my temp cover for book two in the Stellarverse series, almost as much as the first half a chapter I've written. The cover is for inspiration, to set the mood of the piece. As you can see, I fully intended to make this one a little more intense
I promised myself a break; I've already completed two novels this year, but the truth is, I really don't want one. All I do is think about the next project and if I'm already devoting my brain power to it, I might as well write it!
I'd fire me from household duties if I could. But I live with three boys and a beagle and they sure aren't going out of their way to tackle the to do list. Next life, I'm coming back a man or a dog.


  1. I think I'll be back as a man. LOL.

    I don't want a break either. So let's write until our fingers fall off. I'm ready. LOL.

    YAY for Cosmic Balance. Plus, you know, if I don't have chapters from you at regular intervals, I feel out of sorts. I guess you'd say... unbalanced. Hehehe.


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