Decisions, decisions

I have so many ideas they are leaking out my ears. But ideas do not make for interesting reading.

Here are my choices for my National Novel Writing Month (Nov,) Help me pick!

1)Drue and Dakota's WIP --Currently untitled

This started off as a dream which I could turn into a sexy 50 K book. Basically, the future earth where sex for sale is the hot new homeopathic treatment. The evil Illustra corporation has enslaved alien empaths, draining their natural gifts for profit.

Pro: This one has Lucia Lovelace (My new erotic persona) all over it. When in doubt, someone get's naked.

Con: It's barely more than a wisp of an idea. I don't have fully fleshed out characters or setinng so I need to do plenty of research and planning ahead of time.

2) For A Reason

Another contemporary, started the same time as Redeeming Characters. It's rich boy, blue collar girl, banter, bicker kiss and make up stuff. Originally I thought to set it in Upstate New York, but I've been toying with moving it to Sanibel, maybe even making it part of the spirit guide series (Which would then be a magical instead of a contemporary romance)

Pro: If I keep the setting i n upstate NY, I've got the world down pat and the first several chapters outlined. The characters, Bailey and Keith, are vivid in my mind.

Con: I've been moving away from the contemporaries of late, so getting back into that groove might prove difficult, especially since I don't know if I have enough conflict for a full novel. If I did decide to change the setting and incorporate the spirit guide shifter element, it wouldn't be the same story anymore.

3) Law of the Jungle

This is a fantasy I've started to outline, told in the same first person POV as the Hag books. Basically a paranormal reality TV show which is a cover fr underworld conspiracies. Heroine is classic, wrong time and place girl.

Pros: This has potential to bloom into another series. My voice is strongest in first person.

Cons: The world building, ugh. It's what slowed me down on Stellar last year.

So tell me, which would you most want to read?


  1. #3 most hooks me just based on what you've said here. Still deciding if I'm going to participate this year. Good luck!

  2. Lucia! Because you love her.

    But Law of the Jungle sounds really kickass too.


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