Review for Redeeming Characters

"Jennifer L. Hart gives readers a contemporary love story constructed by two achingly real main characters. I personally love Drue's snide comments as I have a fondness for men who are sarcastically witty and I love the fact that Dakota can definitely hold her own and even dish back some superb one-liners. Watching Drue discover aspects of his own personality, while helping Dakota and her family, was very rewarding and enjoyable for me. He reminds us that you need to look beyond appearances and get to the heart of someone before you can truly understand or judge them. The setting adds to the reader's understanding of the characters and the subtlety of it is well done. I usually enjoy my romances a little more on the fairy tale side of things but I was definitely entertained by this realistic love story, instead of glossing over the fact that we all come with baggage, it focuses on the fact that it can be overcome, that we all can have love and happiness. I am looking forward to more fascinating characters in this author's future releases."

You can read the entire review HERE.


  1. YAY! That was an excellent review. I'm so happy for you. Have a bottle of Rosa! It's so well-deserved.

  2. I'm waiting until I feel less physically icky to indulge, so that bottle might not get opened until Dec!


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