Stellar Timing is a Finalist!

Some stellar news on the stellarverse! Seems Brennigan and Ellie have stormed the gate over at the RWA's FF&P contest and firmly entrenched themselves in the finals!

From here the first twenty pages of the manuscript goes to an editor at Pocket Books, who will then decide the winner for the futuristic category. Frankly, I'm hoping for more, as in a request by said editor to see the full manuscript. I love this multiversal world, love the characters and next to Maggie and Neil, don't think I've ever created a better set-up for a series.

In other news, I'm still planning to Nano, even if my alter ego, Lusha Lovelace, is whining that we can do another short in the next week. I learned my lesson last year, and this time I'm setting up a rough outline and world building before tackling the project.

And yes, this is going to b a full length Lusha novel because if anyone can get into thirty days and nights of literary abandon, she sure can!

Now if only I could come up with a title!


  1. Did you hear me shrieking for you all the way in Kansas? I am so happy for you.


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