I know, I've been quiet this week. Had lots of writing to catch up on after last week's blog tour.

First, some big, fat, happy-happy joy-joy news!

Stellar Timing took first place in the On The Far Side contest, sci fi futuristic category! Yeah for Brennigan and Ellie!

Still searching for the right home for the stellerverse, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

I was thinking about posting the first chapter or two here on the laundry list. I'll paste the blurb below, for anyone who hasn't read it.

Next up, I have another interview and a Redeeming Characters book giveaway going on over at Lady Scribes. Last shot at a free Drue this year, so stop by and say hi!

Back to work for me, I'm within 5 K of finishing another short and feel the need to hop to it.

Stellar Timing

When a man wearing blood-soaked armor begs her for sanctuary, Ellie MacIntyre is sure her mind has snapped like a dry twig. In the year 2059, poverty and stress have done much worse. What else could explain her ability to hear animals talk and the knack for communing with the wounded warrior inside her head? One thing’s for sure, she needs to eject this sexy figment from her life, stat.

Betrayed by those closest to him, Prince Brennigan was banished to the universal Hotel California, the penal colony called Earth. The only way to escape this fate worse than death is to befriend a portal-maker, a sorci who can open a gateway through time and space and return him to his home planet. Getting along with the magically inclined is not his forte—magic is the prevalent fungus at the root of his problems.

Now the hope for his people, and his heart, lies with Ellie. Can an ignorant

witch best an evil sorceress before this medieval times space opera’s final



  1. Sorry gang, I know the link was wonky but it's fixed now.

  2. Congratulations on the big On the Far Side win! I love your endless bookshelves on this blog!

  3. Thank you Clarissa! Glad you like the look!


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