Redeeming Characters Blog Tour Day 2

Well, day one was a success IMHO. I love giving stuff away, warms my heart and makes me giddy. Winner for the keychain is Kerri and as soon as I get the verdict in from Kym, I'll post the PDF book winner here too.

Winners (or anyone who wants to) can email me
jlhart79 at (@)gmail dot (.) com

But enough about me, let's talk about you. Have you commented on yesterday's posts, entered yourself into the running for the Amazon giftcard? No? Well, why not? It's free, and you can win stuff. Don't you want stuff? The drawing is on Saturday so if you couldn't make it yesterday, you can revisit Monday's blog stops and leave a comment. Doesn't have to be brilliant, a "Hey," with your name will suffice.

Well, speaking of stuff.... on to today's blog.!Just one, but an important one.

Blog: Writers Gone Wild

Host: Me

Topic: Music

Prize: 15.00 iTunes giftcard


See you over there!


  1. I'm a PIP author too, with Hart for a middle name.!! Hope your tour goes well. Mine didn't do much for the book I was then promoting. My only tip is to be as humorous as possible in your book blogs. The only ones that worked for me was the funny ones, and I'm kinda serious. Next time I'll go lighter. Good luck....Jean


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