Redeeming Characters Blog Tour Day 5

Last tour day folks! You know how some musicians are better on tour than on an album? I'm starting to feel as though my mad showman ship skills have been undervalued in the past. Blog touring is hard, exhausting work but oh so much fun. I get such a rush communicating with readers. I haven't even thought about a real in person signing, think I would feel like a big old tool sitting in a bookstore while shoppers strolled on by. But if it was half as much fun as this... Maybe I will venture out and try to set up a book signing in the spring.

Anyhow, Lusha has spoken and the winner of the ebook PDF is.... VAL! Congrats, Val! email me at jlhart79at (@) gmail dot (.) com and let me know which PDF you want!

Today is another twofer blog hop day.
First, we have my pal Candi who is also giving away a top slot for Agent Shop this coming Sunday to anyone who leaves the word REDEEMING in the comments.

Blog: Musetracks
Host: Candi Wall
Prize: Autographed copy of Redeeming Characters!
Link: Musetracks


Blog: SOS Aloha
Host: Kim in Hawaii
Prize: Autographed Copy of Redeeming Characters!
Link: (Coming Soon.) Kim had a family emergency and is without internet access but she will post today and I'll link us up as soon as she does!

Here, SOS is up Live right now!


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