I've recieved a stylish blogger award!

Wahoo! I'm hip, I'm with it....ducka ducka ducka...

Props to any who recognize the quote. ;-)

Kay, so now I have to tell you seven things about me.

1. I'm a total introvert offline. Talking to strangers makes me sick to my stomach.

2. I named my beagle after my Laundry Hag heroine.

3. I was awarded most dramatic in highschool even though I was never in a play.

4. My favorite show of all time is Firefly.

5. My music taste is eclectic, I listen to country, metal, classical and blues. But I'm also picky, unlike my audiofile husband.

6. I've moved ten times in my life, five since I got married in 2001.

7. I once caravaned across the US with my husband and 18 month old son from California to Florida and then up the coast to New York in less than a week.

Thanks to Laurie Green and Spacefreighters Lounge for the award! Now, to pay it forward!


  1. Let's see if I can come up with 7 things you didn't know about me!


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