The best call I ever made

I could not be more proud of Who Needs A Hero? or of myself for making it happen. The book looks glorious, both in print and ebook versions and it is the story I wanted to tell, not neutered to fit some conventionally accepted mold. It's my best seller on both Kindle and Nook within two weeks of its release.

The decision to self-publish is never an easy one for me. I obsess over details and even though I have some fantastic beta readers and the best critique partner ever to live, but the final product is all on my shoulders. That's a lot of weight. Could I find a small or e-press that would be willing to take on my story? Yes, but probably not without significant edits. Sometimes editing is just what a book needs, cleaning up ideas to paint a better picture and slashing useless drivel that makes the story drag like a government job. And sometimes it hurts the product, and the writer, in the process.

This book is my baby, my love letter to my all-time favorite couple. If there was ever a time to put on my stubborn bitch hat, now is it. It took a lot to brush off all the dismissals this book received. Took even more to figure out how to turn the story I loved into a story all readers could. Will there be negative reviews? Of course, there always are but will I listen, or regret my decision?

Never. Not on this one. Not for a second.


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