One For the Money: The Movie

Grade B+
So I just got back from the all new One For The Money movie, staring Katherine Heigl, as Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, bail enforcement agent with Jersey girl attitude. As a die hard fan of these books I was initially upset with the casting choices, you just don't look at Katherine Heigl and think Jersey Girl. But the movie took so long to come out that I had time to adjust to the idea. Heigl's big screen movies have been mediocre at best, lacking substance but I thought she was an excellent addition to both Roswell and Grey's Anatomy, so I went with few expectations other than to have a day date with the husband.

Overall the movie was enjoyable, surprisingly so. The story in One For The Money followed along very closely with the book, with only a few scenes added, like Stephanie and Ranger at the shooting range. Ranger was probably the biggest disappointment in the movie, there w
as no chemistry no magnetism and he seemed like filler, not the great force for justice that made the heart speed up when he said babe.

On the other hand
Jason O'Mara portraying Joe Morelli really grew on me throughout the movie. Obviously this guy is not the Italian Stallion the book Morelli was, and I've always been more of a Babe than a Cupcake but after seeing those intense blue eyes and his bad boy smile, I might have to rethink my position. O'Mara and Heigl had excellent chemistry, sparing and lusting and waring and one-uping each other.
Debbie Reynolds played her role perfectly as Stephanie's Grandma Mazur. Vincent Plum was also a win, Patrick Fischler had that creepy ferret guy thing down to an almost freaky degree.

Misses included the way the movie was toned down, making it a little softer. Lulu was beaten but not raped, not quiet so much stalking with Benito Ramirez and the climax was a jumbled up mess complete with the villain's unasked for soliloquy as to how and why. No Joe or Stephanie putting the pieces together, solving the mystery.

These were the books that inspired me to write mystery, character driven mystery not just the same old whodunits. And after seeing the book come to life, I'd say that if I were Janet Evanovich, I'd have been proud of the result.


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