So this whole online presence thing has gone from being a tool to assist my writing to a pain in the butt that keeps me from writing. Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with readers but I've been spread so thin and my word count is suffering from it.

I'm not the kind of person who keeps throwing energy into something that doesn't work. So in that spirit, I've closed down my facebook page, both the public Laundryhag page as well as my private profile. My author stuff is still on goodreads but I'm not. And as for twitter,
well, I handed it over to my latest and greatest heroine, Jackie Parker, certified process server in Miami. In case you missed it, here's her welcome feed.

  1. 12 hrs
    Jackie here: Snagged the profile from some writer lady and I'm pleased to announce Damaged Goods Property Management is open for business!

    1. Yes, Logan we really need a twitter account. No, you don't have to do anything so just deal. He's so grumpy.

    I used to work for a scumbag lawyer who grabbed my ass, but my pal Marcy kept me from clocking him w/ my clipboard.
    So now I work for me, myself and I here at Damaged Goods w/ Luke&Logan. Our team is hired by owners to help expedite the eviction process
    Basically, if there is some miscommunication between renter and rentee, the owner hires us to step in and follow the letter of the law.

    1. 12 hrs
      Luke wants me to add that we get cursed at a lot. Sometimes people don't appreciate our visits. Even with my winning personality.

    Our house is a total WIP. Dealing with disgruntled tenants and PO ed landlords doesn't leave much time for domestic bliss.

    No, Logan, I'm not telling them everything, I'm just being friendly to my new friends here on twitter. You should give it a whirl sometime.

    Logan: Jackie can't cook worth shit.

    Jackie *snatcheslaptop* Give it here. No I can cook, I just shouldn't because of my family's curse. My mother roasted her little purse dog.

    Oh, gotta jet. It seems the tenant I've been trying to serve has finally surfaced.

     Go ahead and follow Jackie and the guys @DamagedGoodsAce  
    I promise you'll have more fun with them while I work on their first mystery novel Final Notice.

    Happy reading

    ~  Jennifer L. Hart


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