How much of a difference does price make?

All rabid readers have their favorite autobuy authors, the one's they will pay anything (within reason) to purchase the latest book. Patricia Briggs is one of mine. I have almost everything she's ever written in either print, ebook and audiobook, in some cases all three. But what about a new author, someone either recommended to you or that you stumbled across. You read the free preview and think, hmmm..that sounds interesting but the price makes you hesitate before ordering your copy.

Recently I stumbled across an author I wanted to try. I bought the first (waaaayyyy overpriced) ebook for my kindle and enjoyed it. But to finish out the series, it would have cost me over fifty dollars, which I was not willing to do. Luckily my local library had the rest of the books in stock and after reading them, I'm extremely glad I didn't splurge because I never want to revisit the series.

So here's the question. Where is that price point for you? The number that makes you back away and say, maybe if it goes on sale or let me look elsewhere. When my books are free for a promotion, they FLY, especially the Hag series. They are only $2.99 normally. I received a recommendation for a book with a stellar premise that was $.99 cents. I didn't buy it, but that's because my To Be Read pile could choke a donkey. But it is on my wishlist so I fully intend to get it at some point in the future. Found another mystery series that was priced more for kindle than print and immediately checked the library. I don't buy print much anymore and when the kindle version costs more, I don't roll the dice.

So in the end, me trying a new author depends on price more than anything else. If I already love their work, it matters a whole lot less.

Is there a magic number for you as a reader? Do you look at who published the book and check at your local library first? Or do you see, click and read?


  1. My price cap is 2.99 it is pretty hard set. If it is 3.99 I just can't make myself buy it.

  2. For a self-pubbed or e-pubbed author then my price cap is $1.99. But 'll go higher if it's NY pubbed only because I'm trusting the editing and content is better scrutinized.

    For 99 cents though, I'll buy if it looks promising or funny.


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