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Cure Or Die 
Book 3 in the Damaged Goods Mystery Series 

Certified Process Server Jackie Parker could do a case study in bizarre human behavior. Like the time the Damaged Goods property management team found a man fermenting his own fecal matter to get high. Or the angry downstairs tenant who threatened to spit on her. And that was just one building in the Miami art’s district. 

Returning to the scene of the crime a year later at the request of the landlord, Jackie believes she’s ready for anything. Since the Dark Prince left the team, she and Luke have gone through an amicable divorce and maybe just this one time she can manage to not land face first in something foul. But what they find in the vacated apartment is far worse than on their earlier visit and Jackie’s situation is about to get a whole lot messier. 

Cue Logan. 

Don’t miss the epic finale to the Damaged Goods trilogy, it’s a laugh a minute and what readers describe as “More addictive than krockodil!” 

Praise for Jackie Parker and the Damaged Goods Mysteries: 

"….difficult to put down." ~ Kirkus 

"Jennifer L. Hart brings a whole new meaning to family togetherness...." ~ Night Owl Reviews 

"...a very likable, sympathetic, savvy and smart heroine." ~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times Bestselling Author 

“An addictive mystery that will have you laughing out loud.” ~A Girl and Her Kindle 

“…a modern mystery with a touch of romance.” ~ 2 Indie Girls Book Reviews 

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