August Subscription Boxes

Game of Thrones Box by Appraising Pages (The makers of the Bookish Box) Cost $35 + $7.00 Shipping + $4.50 tank upgrade $46.50

Exclusive Limited edition devoted to all things GoT. I am a fan of both the books and the series so there really was no way to go wrong with this. Another bene for these one-time boxes is that if you love the book/ series they are advertising, you will most likely adore everything in it so you have a better chance of keeping everything you receive.
T-shirt (Appraising pages plus shipping) $20.00 **
**Not the racerback tank I ordered**
Tumbler by Knot Knirvana (Etsy) $15.00 plus shipping
Da Bomb Fizzers: GOT Quote Bomb (website) $7.50 plus shipping
Appraising Pages stag ring (???)
Drop and Give Me nerdy Tote Bag (Society 6) $18.00 plus shipping
EvieSEO art print (Society 6) $13.10 plus shipping *
*Mine’s a 5 by 7 not listed so we’ll go with value $10.00

Total estimated value $70.50
Net Gain $24.00***

This tally does not include the cost of the ring, since that was an appraising pages exclusive and I couldn’t find anything like it. I was most excited about the tumbler as I only have one for my smoothies. Excited for the bath fizzer too. The shirt was a major disappointment because I really wanted that tank top.  And the art print was fabulous. The ring is too small for my ring finger and too big for my pinky so I’ll probably end up giving it away. And the tote bag was something of a miss for me because what the hell does “Squad Goals” have to do with GoT? It’s not like all the women are going to team up or anything, especially not Cerce. I’ll hang onto it because it does have Lyanna Mormont’s image and she’s my hero. Plus it’s a tote bag, even when they are bad, they are still useful. 

The Bookish Box Cost $32.00 +$5.50 tank top upgrade plus *$7.50 shipping $45.00
August theme: Fairytale remakes
I really wanted something from the A Court of Thornes and Roses series, but was hoping it wasn’t the mug. I have too many mugs as it is. Ideally it would be the Lunar Chronicles or Peter Pan so I could give it away.  I had purchased a tank top upgrade for this box since I wear those much more often than regular t-shirts. I love the customization you can get for this subscription, it makes the items feel more tailor-
made for you! Also, I have contacted the owner and she is an absolute pleasure to deal with so I can’t say enough good things about The Bookish Box subscription!
T-shirt (Appraising pages plus shipping) $25.50 Keep
Lexy Olivia Beauty and the Beast Bookmark: (Etsy plus shipping) $6.00 Keep
Bookish Box Exclusive Necklace: ??? KEEP
Appraising Pages Walt Disney Quote Post-its:??? Giveaway
Evie Sea Cinder Mug: (Society six plus shipping) $15 Giveaway
*Please note: Shipping increase from last month.

****Total Value: $46.50
Net Gain $1.50
****Note. This was a tough box to price because the necklace and post-its were Appraising Pages exclusives, i.e. not up for sale. The necklace and post its aren’t factored in. I really only loved the shirt, though I was happy the mug wasn’t ACOMAF related. It is beautiful, Lunar Chronicles just aren’t my cuppa. And why A Beauty and the Beast and not ACOTAR bookmark???? This was supposed to be fairy tales remade, not the actual fairy tales. How can something be so pretty and so disappointing at the same time? To sum up, you’re still getting your money’s worth of uniquely bookish items, but maybe not as much as with earlier boxes. Starting to think my expectations are too high.  
*****Note 2. People are posting pictures of their Bookish Box hauls before mine even ships. So all the boxes are being spoiled whenever I go on Instagram or twitter. The excitement and surprise just isn’t there. I decided to skip September as the theme of Literary Ladies doesn’t do it for me. Thinking that even with saving a few bucks, I’m better off buying my own goodies from Etsy/ Society 6 and getting exactly what I want directly from the vendors, since I know what will be coming well in advance.

Stars Hollow Monthly by Lit Cube Cost $29.95*
*I like that it costs what it costs, including shipping. Bonus points for no hidden fees. **Double bonus points for listing the cost per item so I don’t have to research everything and end up listing ???
when there are exclusive items.
All things Gilmore Girls, which is totally my jam. This is a relatively new subscription box, non-book related (unless you count Sleuthing for a Living inspiration) The first month, June, wasn’t all that compelling which is why I hadn’t signed up, but I was sorry I missed the July box. This box is the third.

Double-Walled Porcelain Luke’s Mug $29.95 KEEP
Dragonfly Inn Acrylic Coaster set $19.95 KEEP
Trinket Box “It All Comes out in Moron” $7.95 KEEP
Baby Boca Java Sampler $2.50 KEEP
**Luke’s Menu with item list and prices along with a 50% off coupon for the coffee KEEP
Total value $60.35
Net Gain: $30.40

**** The ceramic mug alone pays for the box and all the items, other than the coffee, were exclusive Gilmore inspired goodies. Love the coasters and the trinket box, perfect for small item storage and freaking adorable to boot. They claim the mug is for travel, but I have my doubts. However, it’s got the Luke’s logo which is an automatic keeper. Haven’t tried the coffee yet, but if I like it the 50% coupon might come in handy. Not only is everything in this box a keeper, the subscription is too!***

So the verdict: OWLCRATE: CANCELED

THE BOOKISH BOX: JURY'S STILL OUT, Skipping September, though I did order the Appraising Pages Outlander exclusive box. I'll be buried in book and house type work through most of September so I am confident I can avoid spoilers.  Fingers crossed the stuff comes from the books, not the show. 


See you in September!


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