Coming May 9th!
Baby on Board!
Maggie Phillips is beyond ready to have her new baby so life can get back to normal. Unfortunately, “normal” for the laundry hag is a relative term. When a neighbor goes missing, Neil begs his wife to stay out of it and focus on the upcoming labor and delivery, but Maggie can’t help but poke around into the man’s life out of habit and curiosity. But when the neighbor’s body is discovered stuffed into his own freezer and his wife and new baby also go missing, it’s up to the very pregnant laundry hag to clean house and get to the bottom of yet another misadventure, even if the killer is closer to home than she ever imagined.
Murder, scandal and industrial strength juicers. What more could a mom-to-be need?
Preorder now and add The Misadventures of the Laundry Hag: Bun in the Oven to your summer TBR pile today!







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